How do I create and send a Safety Check on Workplace?

Safety Center is replacing Safety Check. If your Workplace is now using Safety Center, click here to find relevant help content.
You can access Safety Check from your Admin Panel.
To get started with Safety Check:
  1. Click Go to Safety Check then select Create Crisis Event.
  2. Complete the crisis type.
  3. Complete the Title, Locations and People Assisting fields. If you want to add more information to the crisis event, complete the Event Information section. You can include up to 200 characters of text.
  4. Select Preview Safety Check to see how each Safety Check notification type will look.
  5. Click Done to create the crisis event.
  6. Click + Add People and choose your method for adding people.
  7. You should now see a list of the people you've added. Once you've added people with one method, you can click Add People again to import more people.
  8. Select the people from the list you want to contact by clicking the tick box next to each name or selecting all.
  9. Click Send Safety Check and select the notification channels you want to use to contact people.
  10. Confirm you'd like to send the notification by clicking Send Safety Check. Notifications will be sent. You can resend notifications at any time by clicking Send Safety Check.
  11. The response status will be updated in real-time based on a person's most recent response. Follow up action is at the discretion of your organization.
Note: Safety Check will be translated into the language of the user's Workplace account.
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